“It is under my tree that I reach complete harmony of mind and soul; my imagination then flows and produces its fruit.”
- Renée Mae Cyr

About Renée Mae Cyr

Although I have been crafting original items all my life, it is in 2006 that I passionately fell in love with jewelry-making.  In 2007, I retired from my professional career and created my own home-based jewelry-making studio: Sous mon Arbre/Under my Tree. I have attended a number of formal jewelry-making training courses in New Brunswick, but I am primarily self-taught. In 2012, I relocated in Shediac New Brunswick where I have opened my own studio/boutique. In 2019, I returned to my roots with my studio exclusively.

Inspired by the uniqueness of forms, colors and textures found in nature, I am motivated by the natural desire that people have to communicate and celebrate themselves through jewelry. This endless source of inspiration has helped me craft thousands of unique pieces of original jewelry since the beginning of this love affair.

Trees have always been very significant to me because of their uniqueness, their majestic beauty and their soothing presence.