Artisans and Artists

We are very proud to showcase works from artists and artisans of a large range of disciplines.



Elaine Michaud   – Various pottery.
Flo Greig   – Various pottery
Helen Stanley   – Various pottery
Jack Rogers   – Various pottery
José DrouinVarious pottery
Margaret-Ann Capper   – Various pottery
Suzanne Babineau (La p’tite poterie)  Various pottery
Thérèse Bombardier Design   – Lace designs on pottery


Fleur de Pixie   – Linen bread bags
Jaqueline LeBlanc   – Felted Wool
Valdone Jurkute – Silk and felted wool scarfs

Wish cards

Anna Rail  – Prints blank cards
Brenda Palmer  – Pints blank cards
Catherine Laratte   – Photography blank cards
Danielle Ouellet   – Mixte media
Diane Vertis McIsaac   – Prints – Photography blank cards
Françoise Cyr   – Acrylic – cards and bookmarks
Helen Deboer   – Prints blank cards
Lise Privé  – Photography blank cards
Lorraine LeBlanc   – Embroidery on paper blank cards
Michelle Levesque   – Scrapbooking style blank cards


Déco Verre   Stained glass decorative mobiles
Janine Lapointe   Stained glass & fused glass
Jay Leblanc   Free form stained glass
Kiln Art   Fused glass
Vitrail Vibri Stained Glass   Various stained glass

Visual art

Anna Rail   – Batiks
Brenda PalmerAcrylic
Danielle OuelletMixted media
Diane Vertis McIsaac  Prints
Fancy PeterpaulAboriginal prints
Helen Deboer Watercolour
Irene Sutton Etched prints
Lilyanne Carrier  Watercolour
Lynn Johnson Acrylic
Murielle CaissieAcrylic
Rosella DupuisAcrylic


Catherine Laratte  – Haïkus
Edmond L. Landry   Acadian literature
Marie-France GadboisNovel


Andrey Milchenko   – Driftwood art & ElectricArt
Deni Forest  – Driftwood treasure boxes and bird houses
Randy Hathaway  – Wood turning
Sylvain Tremblay  – Pepper mills

Fine foods

Acadian Maple   – Fine maple products
Cornect Family Farm   – Honey chutney
Liquid Gold   – Olive oils & balsamic vinegars


Bev Cormier   – Copper jewelry
Ginette Henri   – Handcrafted jewelry
Queenstown Goldsmith – Handcrafted jewelry
Tony Nicholas   – Handcrafted jewelry


Delia Pewter   – Pewter vases and plates, paper weights, letter openers


Cornect Family Farm   – Beeswax candles
Isabelle Lafargue   – Limoge porcelain painter
Renee Picard   – Organic soap
Sylvie Facteau   – Negative energy catchers (bannock dough)